WESTERN GALILEE   גליל מערבי

From catching the sunrise over the mountains, breathing in fresh air or fragrant aromas of lush gardens, and experiencing relaxing evenings by the waters of the sea ~ To the modern homes and buildings of thriving communities with solid business growth and a motivated citizenry ...

Explore, discover for yourself the intense natural beauty of the Western Galilee!

Although it is only a tiny area on the map, North Israel is a very special place, and the Western Galilee region has much to offer for both the Tourist and Resident.

There is so much to see and experience, with each area bringing you to a new level of appreciation for what The Land and The People represent.

Whether you're into sports, history, religion, archeology, food or just getting close to nature - there's something for everyone!

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Western Galilee : Galil Ma'Aravi   גליל מערבי

This is the northern coastal region of Israel. Swim in the blue waters of the Mediterranean and sunbathe afterwards on one of the long, sandy beaches.

Don't miss the historic old city of Akko (Acre) and the beautiful limestone grottoes at Rosh Hanikra, or the view from the Arch Cave at Adamit Park - a great place for rapelling - or so I'm told! Hike up to Montfort Castle and enjoy the spectacular view over the wooded hills of Park Goren.

Limestone Walls and Cliffsides of the Caves in Rosh Hanikra
Inside the Limestone Caves of Rosh Hanikra

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Mo'atza Azorit Ma'aleh Yosef                      (מועצה אזורית מעלה יוסף)

MISGAV     Website

Mo'atza Azorit Merom HaGalil                     (מועצה אזורית מרום הגליל)

MATEH ASHER    Website

Mo'atza Azorit Mevo'ot HaHermon               (מועצה אזורית מבואות החרמון)



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