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This is Galilee (TIG) Newsletter, Issue #005 -- Hot Air Balloons and Other Unique Attractions
August 12, 2011

So ... What's New ?

Welcome to the TIG Newsletter - A monthly e-zine about Northern Israel and all that's new at (TIG).

I had a lot of fun this month writing about some of my favourite spots in the Lower Galilee. There's plenty to see and do, whether you're into hiking, swimming, skiing or snowboarding, cycling, mini-jeep trips or visiting historical sites.

I also asked my daughter about the hot air balloon trip she took with her husband, which they got as a wedding present. I was very interested to hear about it - I didn't even know there was such a thing in the Lower Galilee! You can read what Karin had to say and see some pretty amazing photos which they took while floating above the clouds and watching the sunrise.

If you're in the area, don't miss this great Israeli-style family restaurant that was recommended to me by my other daughter, Miri. Dag Dagan has good food, relaxed atmosphere and pastoral surroundings - check it out!

If you read my Job Hunting in the Galilee page last month, you will know there was a section on Online Job Hunting which is actually good wherever you live - not just in the Galilee. As promised, I will be giving you more information on the companies I work with. I will also be giving away to TIG subscribers a free easy-to-follow e-book about writing on the Internet. It is written by Ken Evoy who owns Site Build It! - a highly successful webhosting company which specialises in building e-businesses.

I will be publishing the link in next month's TIG Newsletter and anyone who signs up between now and 12th September can download it - so pass this on to your friends if you know anyone who may be interested!

Sfat (Sefad) is hosting its annual Klezmer Festival this month from
15th-17th August. If you are a klezmer music fan or just want to enjoy the atmosphere, there are free concerts day and night in various parts of the city and stalls selling arts and crafts in the midrachov. You can find everything you need to know about the festival, including the schedule, at

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If you've been to the Galilee or the Golan, tell others about the great places you've found there. Did you stay in a zimmer that was special or a green lodging that was eco-friendly? Did you find a restaurant that serves delicious food? Don't keep it to yourself - just fill in the form at the bottom of the appropriate page and I will publish your review at

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