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This is Galilee (TIG) Newsletter, Issue #008 -- Moving to Karmiel and More about the Photo Contest
November 22, 2011

So ... What's New ?

Welcome to the TIG Newsletter - A monthly e-zine about Northern Israel and all that's new at (TIG).

You may be wondering why this month's newsletter is going out a bit later than usual - well, the reason is I've been busy moving to the Galilee ... my dream is coming true!

We are now living in the Ramat Rabin neighbourhood in Karmiel which is clean and modern and we think it's just great! Thumbs up to the architect who designed this project - lots of arches and alleyways and courtyards - all the buildings have white stone walls and though they're similar, they're not identical which stops it looking boring. And we've just discovered an amazing promenade called Derech HaShalom (The Way of Peace) where you have breathtaking views of the mountains and across the valley as far as Haifa. Our plan is to build a house in a community nearby but I'll be telling you more about that when the time comes. Meantime, you can read about Karmiel on my new Upper Galilee page. Watch out for more recommendations for places to go and cool eateries now that I live in the area!

Here are some of my early observations about living in Karmiel ...
  • Lots of well-kept parks.
  • Great views of the mountains almost everywhere you go.(See photo on right.)
  • Streets are amazingly clean but beware of dog poop on grassy areas!
  • Benches and seating areas everywhere.
  • Cats all look clean and well-fed.
  • The air is clean and fresh but oh, so cold at night.
  • The town hall is doing a great job but you may have to queue for hours if you want to speak to anyone there.
  • Bakeries sell almost totally white bread and baked goods - still searching for great wholemeal bread.
  • There is absolutely NOWHERE decent for visitors to stay in the town, which explains why people let out rooms in their houses during the annual Dance Festival.
    You don't have to be a professional photographer to enter the Northern Israel Photography Contest! If you have a zimmer, a restaurant, a coffee shop or any other business which has a great view, send a photo and a description and get FREE PUBLICITY FOR YOU AND/OR YOUR BUSINESS! There's no entrance fee and you can send as many entries as you want. There are only three rules which MUST be adhered to:

    • Photos must have been taken in Northern Israel in 2011.
    • Original photos only, taken by yourself or one of your children (if they are minors).
    • If other people appear in the photo you must have written permission from them to publish their picture for this contest.

    The best photos will be displayed on my site and everyone is invited to vote and comment on the entries. I will announce the winner in the January 2012 Newsletter and put the winning photo in a prominent place at the top of my home page with credits to you, the photographer. But, that's not all - I will dedicate a full page to you and/or your business - how's that for free publicity!

    The final date for entries is 31st December, 2011 so don't delay - send in your entries TODAY! Here's how!

    If you've been to the Galilee or the Golan, tell others about the great places you've found there. Did you stay in a zimmer that was special or a green lodging that was eco-friendly? Did you find a restaurant that serves delicious food? Don't keep it to yourself - just fill in the form at the bottom of the appropriate page and I will publish your review at TIG.

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