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This is Galilee (TIG) Newsletter, Issue #007 -- Photography Contest and Other Good News!
October 16, 2011
Chag Sameach!

So ... What's New ?

Welcome to the TIG Newsletter - A monthly e-zine about Northern Israel and all that's new at (TIG).

This edition is going out in the middle of the Succot holidays, but the news everyone is talking about in Israel, is Gilad Shalit's release after five long years in captivity. I just felt I couldn't write a newsletter without mentioning this momentous event. It also just so happens that the Shalit family live in Mitzpe Hila, in the Galilee.

Just last month I wrote a page about places to visit in Western Galilee and while I was writing about Goren Park, my thoughts and prayers went out to the Shalit family who's home is situated high up on a peak with stunning views over the park.

Anyway, now you can read all about Goren Park, Montfort Castle and other great places to visit in my new Western Galilee page.

Art has always been one of my hobbies and I love looking around the arts and crafts galleries in Sfat (Safed) or Rosh Pina,. This has given me the idea to make my own arts and crafts gallery on my website - so look out for more art and culture at TIG in the future! Meanwhile, I'm kicking off with a talented artist who I've known for a number of years, Darius Gilmont. His biblical art series fits really well on my Jewish and Christian Holy Sites pages. You can see here one of his paintings, Moses and the Fire of Sinai. Click the picture to read more about the artist and his paintings.

As I promised in last month's newsletter, I will be hosting an end-of-summer Northern Israel Photography Contest. The contest is open to professionals and non-professionals alike. There are only three rules which MUST be adhered to:

  • Photos must have been taken in Northern Israel in 2011.
  • Original photos only, taken by yourself or one of your children (if they are minors).
  • If other people appear in the photo you must have written permission from them to publish their picture for this contest.

I will be accepting entries until 31st December, 2011 so you still have time to get snapping!

The best photos will be displayed on my site and everyone is invited to vote and comment on the entries. I will announce the winner in the January 2012 Newsletter and put the winning photo in a prominent place at the top of my home page with credits to you, the photographer. But, that's not all - I will dedicate a full page to you and/or your business - how's that for free publicity!

Submit your photos NOW - Here's how!

If you've been to the Galilee or the Golan, tell others about the great places you've found there. Did you stay in a zimmer that was special or a green lodging that was eco-friendly? Did you find a restaurant that serves delicious food? Don't keep it to yourself - just fill in the form at the bottom of the appropriate page and I will publish your review at TIG.

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