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TIG Newsletter, Issue #021 - Wadi Nisnas and Other Festivals
December 18, 2012

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What's New?

  • Holiday of Holidays Festival at Wadi Nisnas
  • Birds, Art and Rosh Pina
  • Building a Home in Israel

So here we are again at the festival season. Happy holidays to all!

During Hannuka, we visited Wadi Nisnas in Haifa to join in the celebrations for the three religious festivals which fall in December - Hannuka, Christmas and Eid-al-Adha. TheHoliday of Holidays, as it's called, is an annual event which takes place every weekend in December. There are music concerts and art exhibitions, colourful stalls and food vendors selling food from all cultures - hot chestnuts, Druze pittas, sweet pastries, donuts and I even saw one selling dim sum!

With all the messages of hatred that we've heard recently, it was like a breathe of fresh air to feel the holiday atmosphere and see the mix of cultures packed into the streets of Wadi Nisnas. It was a reminder of the many positive things that you can only see in our wonderful country!

Every year, migrating birds make a stopover in the Galil. It's an awesome sight which should not be missed if you're in Israel during the migration season.

The 3rd International Birding Festival took place this year from the end of November and until 18th December. During the festival, events were held at several main birding sites including Hula Nature Reserve and Agamon Hahul in Upper Galilee and Gamla Nature Reserve in the Golan Heights.

As part of the festival, Sigal Eshet-Shefet opened an exhibition of works by local artists who have been inspired by birds. At her gallery in Shichzor in Rosh Pina, you can see works by 20 artists, using a variety of techniques: oil paintings, pen and ink, sculptures and photography.

Among the exhibits are rare fashion photos by the photographer, Mula Eshet, one of the pioneers of fashion photography in Israel, who in 1962 photographed a model in a cage of flamingos at the legendary Tel Aviv zoo (see photo on right). In addition, you can see works by Aviva Sawicky who uses the medium of recycled paper bags to create amazing, vibrant pieces without a drop of paint!

Admission is free. There are two venues - the house of Professor Mar and in the lobby of Vilkomich's House in the Pioneers Settlement in Old Rosh Pina. The exhibition is open every day, 10:00-14:00 until 15th January, 2013. Highly recommended!

Phone: 04-6936913.

If you've been following my newsletter since last year, you will know that it's now a year since I moved from the centre of the country to Karmiel in the heart of the Galilee - and we're still loving every minute! Click here to read my story... so far.

Meantime, we have been building a house in nearby Kfar Hananya and hopefully will be moving in at the end of the month. This is all exciting stuff but if you've ever built a house, you will know that it's been a year of ups and downs and no little frustration!

Next month, I will be writing about my move and giving some suggestions and recommendations about different building methods - just in case you're thinking of building a home in Israel!

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