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TIG Newsletter, Issue #019 - Water Hikes and Winners of the Writing Competiton
October 25, 2012

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What's New?

  • Sukkot Holidays
  • Hiking in the Golan Heights
  • Winners of the Summer Story Writing Competition

This month, we celebrated the Jewish festival of Sukkot in Israel. Many Israelis take advantage of this week-long holiday to go on family trips, and hiking in the north of the country is a very popular activity. As it's still very warm in the middle of the day, shady forest trails and water walks are favourite.

I went on several trips into the local countryside with my family and we seem to discover new places all the time. You can see here a photo of a water walk we did through the Dalyot Stream, also know by it's Arabic name "Majrassa". To the north of Lake Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) in the Bethsaida Valley there are several small streams that run into the lake and some of them open out into small lagoons where you can swim.

On the way, we visited the ruins of the ancient village of Korazim which was built during the 3rd - 5th centuries CE and is situated on a hill with stunning views over the lake.

Click here to see my new page about Korazim.

I also got this cool photo from my old friend, Steve Kramer, who has also kicked off the hiking season over the Sukkot holidays with a trip to the Golan Heights. Here's an excerpt from his article, Black and White Waterfalls...

"The beautiful El Al route in the El Al stream nature reserve is famous because of two waterfalls that carve through the local basalt stone. The color of the basaltic Golan Heights is black, which is the background color of the “black” waterfall. The basalt waterfall, 25 ft. high, falls onto black rocks and forms an impressive water pool which is surrounded by plane trees. Further down the stream, the water has uncovered the white chalkstone layer behind the basalt, which has became the dominant color of the “white” waterfall, below which is another lovely pool deep enough for swimming. This chalkstone waterfall is 60 ft high. Between the waterfalls are trails and orchards with juicy fruits, sabra cactus, plane, olive, pomegranate, and other fruit trees. We also saw an abundance of mint, squills, and reeds."

Steve is an avid hiker and has written two books about his trips all over Israel, which you can read more about on my Other Resources page.

First of all, a big thank you to everyone who took part in the competition. I really enjoyed reading your stories and I hope you did, too.

And the first prize goes to ...
Shem Tov Sasson for The Day I Was Drafted
This story was clearly the outright winner and the first prize couldn't go to a more deserving writer - Shem Tov has loads of talent and a great writing style and I wish him the best of luck for the future. If you haven't read it yet, I will be publishing the winning story on the competition page.

The 2nd prize goes to ...
Mel Weiss for A Karmiel Barmitzvah Miracle
A really interesting, well-written story which I enjoyed reading very much.

And in 3rd place ...
Sanda Abramovici-Lam for The Rebirth of the Galil, the final stop in the Journey to my Soul
Congratulations, Sanda.

All of the three winners have received a coupon for a luxury bar of Kidron Soap and as they all live in the north, they got a second bonus voucher - for one of HaBe'er's delicious confitures and sauces from The Well Gallery of Arts & Flavours in Rosh Pina.

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