Ayun (Iyon) Stream Nature Reserve
- Well Worth a Visit!

The Ayun Stream has its source in Lebanon and flows southwards until it reaches the River Jordan. Just south of the Israeli-Lebanon border, it flows through a narrow rocky canyon forming four waterfalls.

In summer, the water from the stream is diverted for irrigation purposes so you can only see these beautiful waterfalls in winter or early spring. But it's well worth a visit, especially when the spring flowers are in bloom.

There are two entrances to the Nature Reserve, so you have the choice of two trails.

The upper entrance is signposted from Metulla, the northermost town in the Galilee Panhandle. From here, you can follow the trail downstream, passing all four waterfalls ...

  • The Ayun Falls - the first waterfall you come to.
  • The Mill (Tahana in Hebrew) Falls - gets its name from a flour mill that was built there.
  • The Cascade Falls - actually two waterfalls, one above the other.
  • The Tanur (Hebrew for "oven") Falls - the most spectacular of the four - about 30 metres (100 feet) high. It apparently gets its name from the rock formation which resembles a chimney.

This trail takes about an hour and a half (one way!), but there's a shorter loop trail you can take from the southern entrance which only takes about half an hour. To get there, you need to turn right off the road from Kiryat Shmona just before Metulla (watch out for the sign). From here you can go to the Tanur Falls and also a nearby lookout point where you can sit and relax and enjoy the magnificent view.

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