Modern Biblical Art in Israel
Artist: Darius Gilmont

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Darius Gilmont's biblical art series was inspired by a one-month sojourn in the Sinai desert soon after he moved to Israel from London, where he grew up. The dramatic desert landscapes and the spirit of the Bible Lands had an enormous impact on him and influence his painting till today.

During his career, he has worked as a cartoonist for newspapers and magazines, an architect and an art therapist. He is now a successful Israeli artist and illustrator of educational books. I know him as a talented animator with an off-the-wall sense of humour but Darius also has a serious, more contemplative side to his nature, which comes out in his oil painting.

Take a look at his contemporary interpretations of these biblical scenes, and see what you think ...

Entering the Promised Land:
The desert hills are shown voluptuous and glowing. Hope and joy is expressed in this brightly-colored depiction, as the Children of Israel, with all their goods and chattels, goats and camels, slowly meander over the landscape, exploring the ruins of previous civilizations, and occasionally resting under trees.

Succot in Jerusalem (First Temple Period):
In this charming painting, an imaginary ancient Jerusalem is shown filled with tiny figures dressed in white. They are pilgrims making their way to the Temple for the festival of Tabernacles (Succot), each holding a palm-branch (lulav) as part of the ritual. Just such a tabernacle (succah) can be seen in the foreground, housing two men negotiating over the price of a prize citrus fruit (etrog). In the distance are hill forts, protecting the Temple city, in which the soldiers bear lulavs as well as arms.

Moses and the Fire of Sinai:
This brightly-colored piece is full of life and movement as Moses bears the two tablets atop Mount Sinai. Divine energy flows through him, making him a channel connecting earth, heaven and the Children of Israel. Time is transcended as day and night appear simultaneously, and all is one, interconnected whole.

Noah's Ark:
In a painting made originally for the artist's son's room, Noah is seen welcoming the dove, accompanied by all the animals. Even the dolphins are rejoicing, and two whales can be seen smiling gently in the depths below.

Prices for original oil paintings range between $275 and $4,000.

If you are interested in any of Darius' paintings or would like to see more of his artwork, just fill in your details in the form below and Darius will answer you personally.

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