Cool Eateries in
the Galilee

This list of cool eateries is not your regular Israeli restaurant index, but a list of my family and friends' tried and tested favourite places to eat in the Galilee. These include tips for where to eat inexpensive meals as well as gourmet kosher and non-kosher restaurants - so take your pick! The only thing they all have in common is that they're all cool places to eat!

Just visiting? If this is your first time in Israel, read this Quick Guide to Eating in Israel.

Let's start with the most important meal of the day ...

Best Israeli Breakfast

The special Israeli breakfast at the Bait VeKait Guesthouse on Kibbutz Lohamei Hagetta'ot was recommended to some friends of mine - and they weren't disappointed! Read more ...

Lunch or Dinner - Gourmet Eateries

Uri Buri is a well-known fish and seafood restaurant situated in Akko (Acre) Harbour in an Arabic-style building with high ceilings and lots of character. Read more ...

A gourmet Japanese Restaurant might not be what you expect to find up in the Camun Hills just behind Karmiel, but Taiko Tea House is really a unique restaurant and the perfect place for a romantic meal. Read more ...

Boutique goat cheese and organic olive oil are the specialities at
Ein Camonim. This dairy farm and restaurant has been the Avrutzki family's project for over 20 years. Read more ...

Decks Restaurant extends out over the Sea of Galilee (the Kinneret) on a wooden deck so you get an amazing view across the water. Click here for a virtual tour ...

Makom B'Sejera is a kosher restaurant with a difference. It's located at the entrance to Moshav Ilaniya, in the Lower Galilee, just a few minutes drive from from the Golani Junction. Read more ...

Really great kosher restaurants are not as easy to find in the Galilee as you would expect, so I was very interested to hear about Arnold's. A good friend of mine found this gourmet meat restaurant while she was vacationing in Nahariya. Read more ...

Rotman has a style of its own - a really cool restaurant situated at the top of a hill on Kibbutz Lotem with amazing views over the surrounding countryside. It's not easy to find, but worth the effort, whether you want to try their special Israeli Breakfast, meat or fish dishes or just coffee and cake. Relax and soak up the atmosphere! Read more ...

Cheaper Eats

The grilled meat and salads that we ate at Shipudei Ron were far above our expectations. We stumbled upon this restaurant by chance but we'll definitely go back again. Read more ...

Dag Dagan is the name of an Israeli restaurant specializing in fish dishes. The literal translation means Fish-Fisherman. Join these two words together and it means a female body part - well, at least it's memorable! Read more ...

What's YOUR favourite Galilee eatery?

Have you eaten in a restaurant that had gourmet food /a friendly atmosphere / great value for money? Did it have an amazing view / unusual decor / good service? Share your experience with others!

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