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The Galilee Panhandle is known as Etzba Hagalil in Hebrew. A direct translation would be "Galilee Finger" which sounds very strange in English and is the reason why I'm not using it here. It is so called because of the shape of this narrow strip of land, which runs from the Israel/Lebanon border in the far north of Israel to an imaginary line above the Hula Valley in the south.

On this page, you can read about my family's favorite places to go and things to do in this beautiful, unspoiled region:

  • Metulla - Israel's northernmost town and a good base for the Galilee Panhandle.
  • Ayun (Iyon) Stream - Beautiful nature reserve with waterfalls in winter and early spring.
  • Canada Center - Sports complex including Israel's only Olympic-size ice-skating rink.
  • Hagoshrim Kayaks - Kayaking and rafting on the Snir (Hatzbani) River.
  • Manara Cliff - Adventure Park for all the family.


Metulla is Israel's northernmost town, situated on the border with Lebanon. Built high up on a hill it has the most amazing panoramic views. Looking east from the Dado observation point over the hills and valleys is my absolute favorite view in Israel! Read more ...

Where? Just keep heading north on route 90 past Kiryat Shmona - you can't miss it!

When? all year round

Ayun (Iyon) Stream

At the top of the Galilee Panhandle, just south of the Israeli-Lebanon border, the Ayun Stream flows through a narrow rocky canyon forming four beautiful waterfalls. I recommend a visit to this nature reserve - especially when the spring flowers are in bloom. Read more ...

Where? There's a lower entrance, which is signposted to the right going north on the Kiryat Shmona / Metulla road. The upper entrance is another kilometer (about half a mile) further on and is also well signposted.

When? winter or early spring

Canada Center

There's an ice-skating rink, bowling alley and swimming pool all under one roof. You can buy a ticket for just one or all of the activities. On the way, stop at one of the lookout points at the top of the mountain - the view is just breathtaking!

Where? Metulla

When? all year round

Hagoshrim Kayaks

Kayaking or rafting for all the family on the Snir (Hatzbani) River is something you shouldn't miss if you're there in the summer.

TIP! Save money by buying tickets in advance or combination tickets with other attractions in the north. Phone: 04-6816034 for details.

Where? On Route 99 right next to Hagoshrim Hotel

When? summer

Manara Cliff

An adventure park which boasts the longest cable car in Israel, among other attractions for all the family. There's also an outdoor pool which is open from June to September.

TIP! In the summer, go midweek if you can - it's just too crowded at weekends!

Where? Heading north on route 90, look out for the signpost at the southern entrance to Kiryat Shmona.

When? all year round

Other cool places to visit in Northern Israel can be found at:
Lower Galilee (Hagalil HaTachton)
Upper Galilee (Galil HaElyon)
Western Galilee (Galil HaMa'aravi)
Golan Heights (Ramat Hagolan)
Sea of Galilee (Lake Kinneret)

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View from Metulla.

Canada Center in Metulla

hagoshrim hotel

Hagoshrim Nature Hotel

grilled meat

Shipudei Ron - Israeli restaurant
in Kiryat Shmona

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