Try This Delicious Israeli Breakfast in Western Galilee!

The special Israeli breakfast at the Bait VeKait Guesthouse on Kibbutz Lohamei Hagetta'ot was recommended to some friends of mine - and they weren't disappointed!

The kibbutz is situated in Western Galilee on the coast road between Akko (Acre) and Nahariya - on the right, if you're heading north. You can't miss it because you will see the stone arches of a Roman aqueduct at the entrance to the kibbutz.

The restaurant, which belongs to the guesthouse, has some nice rustic touches which adds to the atmosphere. The breakfast includes a wide variety of salads, home-baked bread and home-made jams. I think in this case, the picture says it all ...

Israeli Breakfast

My friends were traveling around the Galilee and didn't stay at the guesthouse - they just went for the breakfast. You can do this Mondays to Fridays, so long as you book in advance.

If you want to try this delicious buffet breakfast, call Bait VeKait Guesthouse on: 04-9933271

home-made desserts

PS The kibbutz was founded by holocaust survivors - Lohamei Getta'ot means "ghetto-fighters" in English - and there are two excellent museums on the kibbutz which are dedicated to the holocaust and are open to the public.

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