Metulla - A Good Base for
the Galilee Panhandle

Metulla is Israel's northernmost town, situated on the border with Lebanon. Built high up on a hill it has the most amazing panoramic views. Looking east from the Dado observation point over the hills and valleys is my absolute favourite view in northern Israel! From here you can see Mount Hermon, which is snowcapped in winter and spring.

The town was founded in 1896 by Baron Edmond de Rothschild as a semi-cooperative agricultural settlement (moshava). There's a Farmers Museum (Beit Ha'Ikar) which tells the story of those early years. Farming is still important today and you can see there many fruit trees covered with blossom in spring or with their leaves different shades of golds and browns in autumn.

Today, tourism has become the main source of income. There are hotels, guest houses and some great zimmers (B&Bs). This is a good base for hiking and travelling around the Galilee Panhandle. It's a small town but has all the facilities you need. If you like nature trails, the Ayun (Iyon) Stream Nature Reserve is right next to the town and if you're visiting in winter or early spring you can see the beautiful waterfalls there.

The Canada Center is a large sports complex where you can skate on Israel's only Olympic-size ice rink. Other sports facilities include indoor and outdoor swimming pools and a bowling alley.

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