Mul Nof Harim  
Kfar Hananya

Mul Nof Harim (Mountain View) log cabins, situated in Kfar Hananya, are our favourite zimmers because they changed our lives - you'll read why below!

But apart from that, they're in a great position for travelling around the Galilee, a short drive from Sfat, Tiberias and the Sea of Galilee (Lake Kinneret) ... and the view is to die for!

About the Accommodations ...

There are two log cabins, but they're not adjoining and there's plenty of space all around to sit out in the garden and relax in one of the swing seats. Since we stayed there they've also added a swimming pool!

The rooms are large and airy and there's a gallery with extra beds if you've got young children. The kitchenette has everything you need to make tea and coffee and there's a toaster oven and microwave for making light meals. There's also a jacuzzi, satellite TV and a sitting corner.

Amazing Breakfasts

We ate breakfast outside the cabin, with a magnificent view over the valley below - an enormous spread of omelettes, freshly-chopped vegetables, yummy local cheeses and olives and home-made crepes. All lovingly prepared by Niza. Highly recommended!

So, How Did It Change Our Lives?

Not surprisingly, after staying at Mul Nof Harim log cabins with my husband, Armande, we fell in love with Kfar Hananya and already started to look at property there. You may have already read about how we fulfilled our dream of moving to the north. If not click here to read my story!

At the beginning of 2013 we finally finished building our house and with a zimmer! So, if I've convinced you to stay in Kfar Hananya, you may want to check it out, too!

Click here to read more about Kfar Hananya and our zimmer - Armon and Sara's Place.

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