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Getting Around

Lower Galilee
Lower Galilee - Cool Things to See and Do
Ski Gilboa - Artificial Ski Slope Plus Other Attractions
Hot Air Balloon - Idea For An Unusual Wedding Present?
Megiddo National Archeological Park in Israel
Mount Tabor - What to See and Do

Upper Galilee
Upper Galilee - What to Do and Where to Go
The Hula Nature Reserve - A Must-See For Nature-Lovers.
Sfat (Safed) - - City of Kabbalah and Jewish Mysticism
Tiberias Hotels, Best Restaurants and Attractions
Amirim - Great Place to Stay Near Lake Kinneret!

Western Galilee
Western Galilee - Recommended Sites
Akko - What to See in the Old City
Goren Park and Montfort Castle - Great Places To Visit
Nahariya - for those who like to be beside the seaside.

Galilee Panhandle
Insider Guide to Local Attractions 
Ayun (Iyon) Stream Nature Reserve 
Metulla - A Good Base for the Galilee Panhandle

Golan Heights
Sightseeing in the Golan Heights
Banias - What to See and Do
Nimrod Fortress (Nimrod Castle) Well Worth a Visit!
Sa'ar Waterfall Video
Review of Gamla Nature Reserve
Golan Heights Map

Sea of Galilee
Tourism, Environmental Issues and Other Info.
Is There a Water Shortage Crisis in Israel?
The Jordan River, Israel - Sport, Religion and Ecology

Christian Sites
Christian Sites Around the Sea of Galilee - Must See!
Capernaum (Kfar Nachum) Info. and Images
Tabgha - Christian Holy Sites Around the Sea of Galilee
Bethsaida - Archeological Site Near the Sea of Galilee 
Mount of Beatitudes - Breathtaking Views of the Sea of Galilee
Yardenit Baptismal Site on the Jordan River
What Is The Jesus Boat and Where Can You See It?
Nazareth and Zippori National Park - A Tourist's View
Modern Biblical Art by Artist, Darius Gilmont

Jewish Holy Sites
Jewish Holy Sites in Northern Israel
Jewish Holy Sites - Tiberias
Tombs of Sages - Sfat

Towns and Settlements

Hotels, Best Restaurants and Attractions

Rosh Pina
What to See and Where to Eat?
Interview With Richard Woolf - Tour Guide

Akko (Acre)
What to See in the Old City

Sefad (Tsfat)
City of Kabbalah and Jewish Mysticism

Kibbutzim - What Are They and Where Did They Come From?
Review of Kibbutz Gadot Guest House - "Superb!"

Moshavim and Other Rural Settlements
Nahalal - "The Mother of the Moshavim"

Top Tips for Foodies

Cool Eateries
Cool Eateries in the North of Israel
Best Israeli Breakfast in Western Galilee
Uri Buri -Best Fish and Seafood Restaurant in Akko
Authentic Japanese Restaurant in the Heart of the Galilee
Ein Camonim - Boutique Goat Cheese Restaurant and Dairy Farm
Decks Restaurant - Best Israeli Restaurant in Tiberias
Best Israeli Restaurant in Kiryat Shmona - and Kosher, Too!
Kosher Restaurant for Foodies Near the Sea of Galilee
Best Kosher Restaurants in the Galilee - Arnold's
Great Israeli Restaurant Near Beit She'an

A Room with a View ...

Green Tourism
Guide to Green Tourism (Ecotourism) in the Galilee
Hagoshrim Hotel - For Eco-tourists and Nature Lovers
Hemdatya - Best Green Lodging Near the Sea of Galilee

Zimmers / B&Bs
Guide to Choosing A Zimmer (Bed and Breakfast) in The Galilee
Looking For Best Zimmers (B&Bs) Near Karmiel?
Best Romantic Zimmer (B&B) in The Galilee
Review of Nof 10 in Amirim
Review of Amirim Atmosphere

Moving North

My Story
My Personal Story About Moving to The Galilee

Job Hunting
Job Hunting in the Galilee - My Top 10 Suggestions
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