Uri Buri - Best Fish and Seafood
Restaurant in Akko (Acre)


Uri Buri is a well-known

fish and seafood restaurant

situated in Akko (Acre) Port in an Arabic-style building with high ceilings and lots of character. You can enjoy the view across the port through one of the enormous windows or if you prefer, you can sit outside.

My grown-up kids love this restaurant and always make a stop here when they're in the area. It's also a great place to bring visitors from abroad after a day's sightseeing.

The restaurant is named after its owner, Uri Yeramias, it's easy to recognize him - he's the one with the bushy grey beard!


If this is your first visit, the "tasting menu" is a must. The waiter starts by asking about your preferences and if there's anything you don't eat. Then, you get small portions - tasters - of fish and seafood. And they just keep coming until you've had enough. If you don't eat seafood, don't be put off - there are plenty of fish dishes - all prepared differently, cooked or raw, and served with a variety of original sauces. You never know what you'll get next - but it's all good! And if you want something light for dessert, I can recommend the home-made fruit sorbets!

The price is not cheap but it's delicious, it's fun and this is more than just a meal - it's a dining experience!

If you enjoyed your meal and want to try to cook some of these delicacies at home, Uri has written the "Uri Buri Fish & Seafood Cookbook". As well as recipes, he also explains how to buy and prepare fish and seafood for cooking. You can buy his cookbook at the restaurant or at bookshops all over the country.


For reservations, call: 04-9552212.

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"A great place to bring visitors after a day's sightseeing."

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