Sa'ar Waterfall Video -
After the Rains

This waterfall video shows the highest and most spectacular of the three Sa'ar Falls. You can only see them in the winter or early spring after the rain has started. The waterfall is fed by the Sa'ar Stream (Nahal Sa'ar), which has its source at the base of Mount Hermon and flows towards Banias in the Northern Golan Heights.

Sa'ar Waterfall - Golan Heights
(Ramat Hagolan)

In the summer, the stream dries up and all that's left here is a small pool of water, so you might find it hard to believe it's the same place! But it's anyway a good area for hiking and there's a marked trail which will eventually lead you to Kibbutz Misgav Am if you follow it to the end. It's also close to Nimrod Fortress, which is about four kilometers (2.5 miles) up the road from here.

By the car park, there's a great place to buy hot Druze pitta with lebane (sour cheese) and zaatar (hyssop) or buy home-made jams, preserves, locally-grown fruit, olives and olive oil from the Druze stallholders.

Other cool places to visit in the Golan Heights:
Nimrod Fortress - Medieval fortress with amazing panoramic views!
Gamla Nature Reserve - Historical site with large colony of Griffon vultures.
Banias (Hermon Stream) - Nature trails by the Hermon Stream and archeological site.

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